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The following .mp3 audio files in the “Past Shows” archive at www.futurequake.com comprise almost all of the 300 multi-hour shows recorded and broadcast by the Future Quake radio show from 2005 to 2012. The show was devised to focus on controversial topics, minority views and little-known, provocative and in effect, “mind stretching” ideas to challenge our assumptions or cultural proclivities, and ponder the possibilities. It did not originate as an exclusively Christian-focused program, rather centered on issues that might impact our future way of life (as the show topics reveal), although the evolution of the show themes and guests gravitated to near-exclusive Christian or spiritual themes, such that show migrated from the secular community station Radio Free Nashville (WRFN LPFM) to the Christian radio station WENO, AM 760 in 2008. Even with that, its original emphasis on controversial and provocative views and topics were retained. From this, it should be acknowledged that the traditional, orthodox Christian hosts and producer of this program did not, and do not, endorse all or many of the views that were explored on this program, including the few guests who do not espouse a Christian view, or even those that might be seen as a rival to it, but it should rather be viewed as an exercise in free and open thought for mature listeners, and gleaning information from subject-matter experts on cutting-edge or general interest topics, or views and little-known data that might be of interest to students of the Bible or aspects of our culture and its impact. Even more importantly, it should be noted that the personal views of the producer and hosts of the program benefitted from the era of Future Quake, during its critical seven years observing the evolution of our public and religious culture in the Internet age at the time, to rapidly evolve their own views on the Bible and many other topics during this exercise of inquiry. Dr. Bennett can further attest that the latter years of shows reflect a direction of the later trajectory of many of his emerging cultural and spiritual views, which have continued to evolve since that time in his blog posting and book writing projects since the Future Quake period of personal and intellectual growth.

This notice was intended to clarify to the listener to these archives, particularly those not otherwise familiar with Dr. Bennett and his religious heritage and convictions nor his recent public views, that neither he nor his co-hosts endorse many of the views expressed in many of these shows preserved in these archives, but rather recorded them in the quest for better understanding the influencers and issues impacting our culture and discourse. To be candid, many who find Dr. Bennett’s written work controversial today, although it expresses his own traditional spiritual views along with provocative ethical and cultural analyses, might possibly and insincerely use the existence of these earlier programs and their guests and views as a justification for applying unjust incredulity to the merits of the views that Dr. Bennett now publicly professes in his recent books, articles and interviews, that being the additional rationale for which this disclaimer is intended to dissuade. All of the preserved programs, including the many that possess views or guests which the producers and hosts do not endorse, believe, or continue to espouse, are retained in full in this archive, in the spirit of and commitment to transparency, free speech and free inquiry, and in resistance to censorship. Any archive listener is encouraged to contact Dr. Bennett via the email address on the front of this website or via other websites associated with him (they having their own “Frequently Asked Questions” page), if they have concerns as to the current views of Dr. Bennett on any particular topic. The legacy of Future Quake since 2005 has been that mature listeners have typically listened to the entire archive, and found them enlightening or edifying in one way or another, many of whom only being acquainted with it long after it left the air, and we trust that fair-minded newer listeners will usually have the same experience.”

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